Saturday, October 11, 2014

RELEASE DAY! FREE copy to reviewers!

My third historical western romance, Princess and the Ox, has finally been released!  Today!  Yay, it's always so exciting!  Though this book is under the genre "western" it is really more of a pioneer story set during the Victorian period.  I think the term western is used for any book set in the time of Queen Victoria's reign, whose location is set in the "western" colonies or in other words, North America.

Since I am a new writer and am looking to expand my readership, I am happy to provide a free copy of Princess and the Ox (thru Smashwords) to anyone interested in leaving a review on Amazon.  This offer is good until November 11, 2014.  So spread the word and redirect anyone interested to me and I'll be happy to forward the coupon code needed to redeem their free copy.

Available thru Amazon for purchase here:


  1. Interesting definition of a western, but I bet your right. I tweeted for ya!