Wednesday, October 8, 2014


In 3 days time, Princess and the Ox will be available for purchase.  I am so excited to share this book, as I loved the characters of Erika and Jay.  Here is just a small snippet to wet your appetite.

She called his name and danced between the gently swaying willows along the river bank.  He came toward her and gathered her into his arms.  Joy filled her heart as his mouth slowly descended toward her own.  He spoke her name, sounding like music to her ears.  Beaming with pure happiness, she fastened her hands around him and drew him close.
Her sweet, beautiful Ryan.
Pleasure welled up inside while a feeling of pure satisfaction overcame her.  A smile spread across her lips as she buried further into his warm embrace.
“Erika,” he said again.  “Sweetheart, you’re going to have to let go of Jay.”
Jay?  What on earth was he talking about?
Her eyes flew open and she had to blink hard several times to focus.  Morning had arrived and with it, daylight.  Enough, that was, for her to see clearly the woolen coat directly in front of her face.  And the large, robust neck inside it.
With a horrified gasp, she realized she was clutching at him like a drowning woman.  Hurriedly, she scrambled out of his arms.  “How dare you touch me, Jay Colby!”
He sighed with irritation.  “There’s gratitude for ya.”
“You insolent man!”  Her eyes blazed with distaste.  “How dare you take advantage of me and then expect gratitude.”
A matching flame lit his eyes as he pushed himself up from the ground and stood at his full enormous height.  Glaring down at her, he said, “You were freezing and weeping like a babe snatched from its mama’s breast.”
She gasped at his vulgar description and felt a flood of rage at his comparison of her to that of a baby.  “Well I certainly never asked you to keep me warm.  And I most certainly never asked you to—to—to hold me.”
“I didn’t hear any objections.”  He pointed out.
She stiffened from humiliation.  The memory of the patent joy that overcame her when she melted into his arms was far too clear in her mind.  In her defense, she had sincerely thought he was Ryan.
“Just stay away from me, Jay Colby.”  She hoisted her skirts and stepped over the small snow drifts he had built as their shelter.
“With pleasure,” he growled in response.