Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Going Contemporary

So, I have two contemporary romances I have been humming and hawing about for a while now.  I love them both and have already started editing them.  The issue is, should I change genre's.  Or do I stick to one genre for now?  Do I use a different pen name to launch the contemporary books or use my own name?

I had thought about doing a complete makeover and edit to a historical setting, but both books center around very modern things.  One of the books, my hero's love of rebuilding classic sports cars is a part of who he is.

As is the complex world of computers is a huge part of who the other hero is.

Remove either of these elements, and it not only changes who the hero is but the storyline as well.

Besides, I have played with the idea of writing contemporaries.  There is considerable less research involved, obviously, so I could write more stories and faster.  Even the wording is easier in contemporaries.  At least the type of contemporaries I write.  Light, fast and easy reads.  So I'm pretty certain I already know I want to crossover into this genre, the question that remains is, do I change pen names or keep it the same.  I've played with shortening my name to either Peg or Meg and in honour of my late father, use his name as a surname.  So it could either be Peg Roberts or Meg Roberts.  Or combine the names of my daughters.  Courtney Paige.  Or use my mother's maiden name Peggy Payne.  I haven't made up my mind whether I will use a pseudonym or not, but it sure is fun coming up with names.


  1. I just read your book Princess and the Ox, did a review but wanted to tell you how much I loved that book. I relate to what you are going through with getting contemporary stories that were written some time ago out now. A lot has changed

    1. Thank you, Rain! I truly appreciate the review. Its so hard to tell if the books are being received well or not so it is so nice to receive feedback. Nicer when they are as sweet as yours. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

      That is so true about changing times. Something as simple as the phone ringing adds to character development because phones just don't ring anymore, ringtones have to be considered and what type would my character chose, etc. Argh, the joy!

    2. I thought you might like to see the blog I wrote, which mentioned your book. It's not a lengthy review and only part of the blog; but I did want to share the book with my readers there.

    3. Thank you so much, Rain! That made my night! I do try to write the type of historicals I would like to read and hope there are other readers out there who would also enjoy them as well. So it's especially rewarding when I discover someone has! Thanks for the blog review!