Monday, August 18, 2014

My Favorite Film Westerns

I loved film westerns long before I fell in love with the novel versions.  I have watched many many westerns and loved them all.  However, there have only been a few that have really stuck in my head and I will watch them over and over again.  They definitely helped influence my taste in westerns.  Here are just some of the westerns that lured me into the genre.

Jeremiah Johnson

Robert Redford as a mountain man is explanation enough, but seriously, this was the first western movie I felt was authentic.  Loved the location, costumes, Jeremiah's struggle to survive in the wilderness, and his relationship with the Indian squaw.   This is by far my favorite Robert Redford western.

Two Mules for Sister Sara

LOVED this movie and cemented my love of Clint Eatwood westerns.  Though this differed slightly from what he was doing at that time.  But ranks up there as one of my favorite Clint Eastwood westerns.

The Missing

This is a more recent movie but is one of my favorites.  Again, I love how authentic the movie feels.  I love the strong protagonist and the extent she will go for her children.  Love the mystery and suspense the opening scenes deliver.

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